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Software Developer Technical Definition of Abilities

I was recently asked to compile a list of the qualities of the different level of programmers. Using multiple sources around the inter-web, this is what I came up with. Junior developer These developers are brand new to the game and most will have less than two years’ experience in total. All things can be solved with code and they will bang straight into the problem without first looking at what is actually needed. They need a lot of supervision and in some cases a breaking in period where you need to knock the "I know it all already" out of them. In many cases the phrase "I don’t know how to do that" is very hard for them to say. Many are not used to working in teams or using source control. The great thing is that we all have been there and we know it’s a growing phase and they will grow out of it. They will need near-constant help. Not only will they not know the business domain, but they may also struggle with the fundamentals of the language or the toolset. T…

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